Out with the old, in with the NOON!

soap scrubs 

Christmas came early for the Noon gals and all of our loyal customers! We are so happy to announce that we now carry lines of NOON candles, soaps and chap sticks.  These new additions make the shops look and smell more amazing than ever before.  It sounds like I’m exaggerating a bit here, but trust me, I’m only telling the truth.  Co-owner and graphic artist, Maie Webb, designed the labels on these new products.  So not only do our new candles and body products smell amazing and delicious, but they are adorned with signature Noon graphics.  They are so precious that I’m having a hard time concentrating today.  I’m just thinking about how these products will make such great gifts for all my friends and family! 

 This new venture has been in the works for a few months and now dreams are becoming reality.  For the soaps and chap sticks we teamed up with our good friend Erin from Naiad Soap Arts.  Erin’s products have been in the shop since 2009 and they have always been best sellers. Naiad Soaps are made with all natural materials: lavender, peppermint, rosemary, etc.  We are carrying bar soaps, chap sticks and sugar whipped soap scrubs.  The scrubs are great for exfoliating in the shower and they all smell like baked desserts.  Yum yum!! My personal favorite is the “cardamom vanilla” scrub; it’s like showering with a birthday cake! You’ll just have to come in and take a whiff for yourself!

If you are at all familiar with our shops, then you know that we have gone through several lines of candles over the years, but last year we finally found a keeper.  Natural Body and Bath, a candle company based out of Huntington Beach, has been supplying the Noon Shops with uniquely scented and  aromatic soy wax candles.  As a side note, if you haven’t burned soy wax before, then you are missing out!  Our candles are made with renewable, biodegradable, US grown soy wax, essential oils and they burn extremely clean. Just like the soaps, we’ve collaborated with this company to make a line of candles that our customers are sure to love as much as we do.  We’ve created 3 scents: morning, noon and night.  They are sold individually, but a package of all 3 candles would make an ideal gift for any gal!

These goodies are sold exclusively at the Noon shops and online.  Get em while their hot ladies!!