Meet the NOON crew : San Diego, California

Last but not least on the meet and great train of Noon shops and its employees is on the west coast, where it all began in Ocean Beach, (San Diego) California.  Here you can find the mother ship of the Noon Shops on 4993 Niagara Avenue, and say hello to four friendly gals; Lauren (Manager and Jeweler, who will be leaving us in July to pursue her dreams at grad school, woo), Jen (future manager), Gina (shop gal and owner of Acute Designs), and Sarah (asst. manager).  Check out what these Noon gals are all about here:



1. What are two of your favorite noon pieces? my favorite noon pieces are the classic champagne swarovski's, the wishbone necklace and my collection of both gold and silver that order.   

2. Where are you from, and what is your astrological sign? I am from Chicago, Illinois.  My astrological sign is Virgo, but there is no way I'm really a Virgo; they are supposed to be detail oriented and organized.  If you've ever seen my desk, you know this isn't the case:) 

3. What do you like to do for fun? For fun I enjoy playing at the beach with the shop dog, Woody.  I can also be found practicing yoga and cruising on my bike around OB. 

4. Why do you love NOON?  Where do I even begin?  I initially fell in love with the story of how Maie and Nora began their business.  Two gals from the east coast doing exactly what they love and following their dreams.  It sounds cheesy, but it's really a modern day fairy tale.  I also love the natural and simple design of everything that Noon creates.  They are clever clever gals! 

5. Who is your favorite NOON neighbor?  Raglan Public House.  Sundays just aren't right without one of their bloody marys and an order of sweet potato fries!





1. What are some of your favorite Noon pieces? Favorite pieces are the bangles and the hammered wishbone necklace

2. Where are you from and what is your astrological sign? Scorpio // east coast roots

3. What do I like to do for fun? Enjoy life...good food, good wine, loved ones and sunshine :)

4. Why I love noon? Beautiful original designs handmade by awesome ladies. Nora and Maie are the best! :)

5. Favorite Noon neighbor? As noon's current roving shop girl my faves include...the coal fired pizza down the street from the point pleasant shop. Also, If you are in the mood for a new tattoo, go see Ryan across the street at Slingin' Ink. Since I am new to the OB shop I am still exploring, but Pomas across the street makes a delicious sandwich.



1. What is your favorite Noon piece? my letter necklace

2. Where are you from and what is your astrological sign? the midwest, scorpio

3. What do you like to do for fun? watch tv :)

4. Why do you love NOON? handmade, original, beautifully designed, amazing products.

5. Who your favorite Noon neighbor? Azucar!





1. What is your favorite Noon Piece? My favorite noon pieces would have to be my gold letter "s" necklace, and my gold wishbone necklace.  Goes with everything and such a fun way to shine!  I also love love love the longer chunky stone necklaces.  They are really great when layered with the letter necklace or wishbone.

2. Where are you from and what is your astrological sign?  I am from Bemidji, Minnesota, and I am a Capricorn. 

3. What do you like to do for fun? I like to wander, dance, to go on adventures and be spontaneous.  I also like to create things and go thrifting. :)

4. Why do you love NOON?  I really love working for Nora and Maie.  The ocean beach shop has such a warm and calming energy about it. I love surrounding myself with beautiful things.  Noon is a labor of love and its really lovely to be apart of it.

5. Who is your favorite Noon neighbor?  Oh thats a tough one....  I really love the pour-over coffee's next door at the Coffee Method, the Black Bead shop and the Harmony herb shop.