Every home tells its unique story. Your story.
Let us help you speak it.

Interiors at Noon is currently offering consultations, curations and complete interior stylings in Bay Head, New Jersey and Newport, Rhode Island as well as surrounding local areas.

We pull together our extensive network of fellow designers, fine artists, woodworkers, upholsterers (you name it!) to achieve your vision. From concept to completion we believe this deeply personal process should be fun layering the past and the present and the timeless and trend just so.

A harmonious home is achieved with that subtle balance of the macro and micro. This is a creative dance behind the scenes that effortlessly weaves together textures, colors and patterns in with memories and inspiration in unexpected ways. The magic happens in the exhale. When you can look around and feel at peace. Your story is told.

With each project you lead the way. Our job is to bring your vision into reality and have some fun along the way!

We take on limited projects per season to ensure our full attention, please email or stop by one of the shops for more info on our services and where to begin.