Knack, a one of a kind gift registry

 Noon Designs has just been added to a new kind of gift registry site called Knack allows engaged couples to build a unique gift registry that can include anything from one-of-a-kind paintings to honeymoon vacation packages. The focus here is on supporting small businesses that don’t otherwise get the chance to host their own gift registry. It reminds me of Etsy, but in this case it’s a registry for wedding gifts. They carry home goods, kitchen items, jewelry, art, furniture and more. Knack registry is perfect for brides and grooms who prefer to support entrepreneurial retailers and independent artists rather than major department stores. This site definitely fits in with the trend of making conscious and thoughtful decisions when planning a wedding. 
More and more couples are making the effort to support local businesses, serve organically grown food and even purchase carbon offsets for air travel. Knack pushes the envelope even further by allowing customers to register for honeymoon packages or any other items that can be found on the internet. It’s truly a revolutionary idea; a one stop shop for wedding guests! Knack is currently offering Noon glass wear, tea towels, “thank you” cards and wedding jewelry. If you are a fan of Noon and planning a wedding, I recommend registering with Knack! Register for our handmade products and other completely amazing gifts!