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Noon’s future is so bright, we all need sunglasses

No joke, we have been super duper busy here in the Noon Shop. Nora and Jessica are preparing to leave for the East Coast, we are developing a slew of new products and Maie is working on our new wedding website along with creating more adorable designs for Noon Goods. I’ll begin by reminding you all that Noon has expanded from jewelry and paper to a bigger brand that offers home goods like our tea towels and glassware. We are excited to announce that Noon is taking a step further by launching a line of Noon candles, soaps and chap sticks. Watch out world, Noon is taking over!! The gals have been working with artisans who already make amazing products that look and smell wonderful. The Noon Shops will soon carry high quality candles and body works that are packaged with a touch of whimsy and splashed with the Noon graphics that you already love. We will keep you updated on the status of our new products, I promise! 

In case you weren’t aware Nora (co-owner and jeweler) and Jessica (wholesale manager and everything else manager) will be moving to Rhode Island this June. The wholesale end of Noon will soon operate from the East Coast. The girls will also be working on opening up another Noon Shop somewhere in Rhode Island, most likely Providence. It’s beyond exciting that Noon is about to expand and go bi-coastal! 

It’s amazing that with all the other things going on Maie has been able to re-launch her line of wedding invitations on our new website {work in progress}. Noon is offering letterpress and flat printed wedding invitations that are adorned with our favorite designs. Brides will soon be able to order and customize their wedding invitations through this new website. We will no longer be offering custom graphics or color options, but I can assure you that Maie has put the time and effort into making sure we can offer the cutest invites you’ve ever seen. Spread the word!

This spring has been busy and exciting for us Noon Gals and it only keeps getting better. 

The Noon brand is growing and expanding, so stay tuned to see what we come up with next!

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